Tamil Sangam

Tamil Sangam is a vibrant initiative dedicated to making the rich tapestry of Tamil literature accessible to everyone in a meaningful way. We recognize the profound significance of electronic versions of printed texts, commonly known as Etexts, in the realms of education and scholarship.

At Tamil Sangam, we understand the value of preserving ancient literary works. Etexts serve as pivotal pedagogic and scholarly resources, allowing us to archive, search, and distribute these literary treasures globally. Our vision is to digitize and publish free electronic editions of ancient Tamil literary classics, ensuring their timeless wisdom reaches a wider audience.

Our mission is straightforward yet monumental: to safeguard Tamil literary heritage through technology. We meticulously type in or scan old books, converting them into Etexts and archiving them in highly accessible formats. These Etexts enable quick searches for phrases, words, and combinations within literary works, fostering a deeper understanding of our cultural roots.

Tamil Sangam operates as an open and voluntary initiative, bringing together enthusiasts and experts passionate about Tamil literature. We collect and publish Etexts of ancient Tamil literary masterpieces, making them available in popular formats like web/html and PDF. These digitized works are stored in easily accessible archives, ensuring widespread dissemination via the internet.