Gurukulams is a guided, focused and personalized learning platform approchable and affordable to everyone. Making education as essential and accessible as life's necessities.

Gurukulams emerged from the dedication of passionate volunteers, alumni of government schools, striving to provide quality education. Gurukulams is committed to ensuring world-class education for all. We honor this tradition by making education not just a privilege but a right, bringing the light of knowledge to every corner of our society through below services.

  1. Free and Opensource Materials
  2. Complete and personalized learning experince
  3. ₹10 Classes supported by our volunteers arouund the world.

Join us in our heartfelt mission to empower every child through education. Together, let’s celebrate the essence of our tradition and ensure that no child is left behind. With your support, Gurukulams continues to transform lives, one lesson at a time.